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Holy Cable Modem Batman

Washington, DC

Better off with a removable tablet...

People would be better off with a removable tablet that's installed in the dash.... Perhaps an iPad/iPad Mini or Galaxy Tab....

The system software is easily upgradable. The apps are as well.

Charges in the car... Take it with you if you want to.

I don't know why carmakers haven't taken this "off the shelf" approach...
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Auto dealers are pretty happy with the current 3~5x markup on current in-dash options that frequently give dealerships an extra $1k or more. Unless this turkey (sprint), or as you would like, some sort of removable tablet can give them those kinds of numbers (and preferably more), dealers won't have much incentive to push those options via manufacturers.


Chesterfield, MO
reply to IPPlanMan

Agreed. What happens if you want to change carriers and your in-dash unit isn't compatible with other carriers? What happens when you drive to Mexico or Canada and your chosen US carrier isn't GSM?

The idea of having Internet access in the car and sharing it with multiple passenger devices is neat but building it into the car seems like the wrong implementation.

The auto manufacturers must be taking this route because they smell a recurring revenue stream. Even though they might only get pennies per subscriber per month, if you multiply it by millions of future cars, I'll bet it smells pretty good. Top this off by the fact that the car owner now pays for a connection through which they can spy on your car's computer and "upgrade" it. BINGO! There's plenty of justification!

If we forget recurring revenue, access to the car's computer still seems better if inverted where the car is a WiFi client to whatever is in range.