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Yeah I heard about this being a problem for several months myself. While my buddy " Good friend of Gandi " claims his " Spiritual Connection " to god is waining, and 96 of his closest friends are now moving to rogers. Hes threatened to do this for some time but I dont think clearwire cares about its customer base. Sometimes I almost think its the goal to provide such crappy service that it chases all the real customers off the system so that corporate gets faster and they can focus on the real way they make money. Just creating electronic exchanges like the big banks do and forget about the reality of no one wants to be treated like crap and pay for the right to do so. But what Do I know I live in a area where wire wont reach signals seem to be dampened so bad they just can't reach the phone properly and the cable guy is scared to stop by. So yah 96. something mhz seems to be overloading...