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Clifton, NJ
reply to kickass69

Re: [iO] New Jersey All Digital

well they better figure out how to deliver those SDV channels without "Channel not available" messages


Lake Hopatcong, NJ
Unfortunately the biggest disadvantage to SDV systems is that there are many components in the system. This means that when problems arise, Cablevision might find it difficult to figure out the source of the issue. Problems could start in any section of an SDV system's architecture, and different problems require different solutions. Problems originating from the customer's STB will only affect that one household, but a problem with an SDV server or SRM has the potential to affect thousands of customers and might require teams of technicians to get it back on track. In many cases, cable companies will have to rely on products from multiple vendors to create one SDV system. Some products may have compatibility issues with others, making it challenging for cable companies to deliver reliable service. If these issues can be tracked down better, we all wouldn't see those messages often.


Ronkonkoma, NY
SDV removal will be happening in NJ to mirror the other non-NYC regions throughout the winter, but mostly next year.


said by frdrizzt:

SDV removal will be happening in NJ to mirror the other non-NYC regions throughout the winter, but mostly next year.

of course they are not rushing, typical CV not caring that they treat customers differently across footprint.

so I have to continue dealing with premium channels being not available from time to time, unacceptable!


Clifton, NJ
yes, very frustrating indeed


reply to JDolan
Jdolan I feel your "pain" as I had similar issues with the premiums coming up "Temporarily unavailable" on Long Island until they removed the Switched Digital Video last year. I made calls, tech came out, made calls to supervisor. No one could fix it. Tech just told me my signals are fine, the frequency is locked in etc but could do nothing to resolve it and I had to wait until SDV was dropped. To me the term "temporarily unavailable" means a couple of seconds, maybe a minute but sometimes SHO2 and some of the STARZ channels would be "out" for half an hour or more and I would completely miss movies I wanted to view despite changing channels and trying to go back to the channel I still got that message - completely unnaceptable when you are paying 80.00 for the package of channels on iO silver and the premiums dont work. Why they employ this technology on premium programming makes no sense. I was close to moving to Direct TV but they finally removed the SDV so hang in there. If it ever comes back, I will refusse to deal with it and will just change providers. Until they figure out how it works, it should not be used.