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This is a sub-selection from Corruption


San Jose, CA
reply to battleop

Re: Corruption

Said very well. I say those who say they don't like America and would rather live in another country, why they are not leaving and staying here? Ah yes, higher disposable income, cheaper life, better consumer market, etc etc.

No nation is without their problems. Taxes or premiums paid to healthcare companies whats the difference. In addition, most don't acknowledge that those premiums are deducted from pre-tax contribution unless you own private individual health insurance if you're healthy single or rich which is maybe like what 6% of population. I disagree with notion single payer system is the best. Germany has universal multi-payer system that is tons better than NHS in the UK. Not too mention many Britons have horrible teeth, because dentist care there is poor.

Norway, Sweden are in cold climate and have small towns compared to their southern neighbors. They can kiss with their 1-TB fiber optic broadband my a**, i'll settle down in Chicago with 20mb (and I have option to faster if I spend more $$) over Gothenburg or any middle of nowhere place. Fact is bigger cities, with higher population density in larger economic of scale are always gonna come up with higher COL, paying more in mortgage/rent for smaller space. And I rather have money from investors than taxes invested in info-structure. Its true the system is not perfect, many people want access to fast, short-term profit and believe in become-rich-fast scheme. Its greed, but the greed in government can ruin country and economy as well, not just in capitalist world. Its just more matter of balance and regulations. We have 401k invested in stock market and we all want high fast profit and yet stable, solid no loss low risk investment which two cannot go together.