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West Mich.

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Note Gen4 Upgraders

Might be worth noting to anyone thinking of upgrading to Hughesnet Gen4:

If you upgrade you will of course have a new 2 yr commitment but will NOT have 30 days to cancel if it doesn't work out for you.

Details are more or less available on the Hughesnet forum website if you can stomach the place.

Edit, found it in the mess:

To clarify... new Gen4 installs do have a 30 day trial period during which an ETF will not be assessed however, if you upgraded from an older system you used the 30 trial period when you first signed up for service and therefore another 30 day trial period is not offered to you. I hope this helps. Thank you, Sara

ETF will apply.
Once again Hughesnet is looking out for their loyal customers.


Cambridge, MD
I can confirm this post.

I was the original poster on the HughesNet board where this post came from. I was shocked to find this out. I was out of contract and had to sign a new one. I did not have a problem with the 2 year contract. I just wanted the option to get out of contract within the 1st 30 days. HughesNet tells me as soon as it was installed I was under a 2 year contract with no 30 day trial period. As I understand it you only get one 30 trial period with HughesNet. I used that up when I had it originally installed in 2003. This came from multiple reps by phone, chat and the one on the HughesNet Community site.
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Friendly, WV
reply to gwalk
I don't see many upgrading, for the customers have lost there trust with the company.. However I do see half of them staying, its there decision.
Have a good day.

West Mich.
reply to gwalk
As for myself I'll stay with my HN7000s until it dies. I am seeing just to many "errors" with Hughesnet.

I don't see them as trustworthy at all.
They are pulling crap on people with billing for example. Telling them upgrade/installation costs are one thing and taking from checking / CC much more. Resolution is a "billing credit".

That doesn't help much if you are on a fixed income. I just started Social Security myself this year.
As said by one poster on the Hughesnet forum......I wasn't planning to pay four months in advance.

I think Hughesnet can go fly a kite. I have been with them since 2003 or 4

Its me
reply to gwalk
Hughes will be losing a lot of customers over the next year. All companies approved for a stimulus grant will be up and running. The local phone company in my area has 44 projects across the country with all of them to be completed in 2013.

Your concerns on the 30 day out are understandable. And, while it won't change your opinion, I do know that a good deal of industry research was done about that beforehand. Hughes was one of the last companies to continue to offer the 30 day out option for existing customers. With Gen4 the change was made to align closer to industry practices. NTL, it was there for our existing customers as far back as DW4000,DW6000, DW9000 and HN9000 when others didn't have it.

West Mich.
Katie, it is a pity that your industry research doesn't show your customers getting fed up with excuses and want SOME issues fixed.
Hughesnet is able to censor to a degree and get NEW unsuspecting customers but old customers have seen Hughesnet degenerate to what it is now.

What your offering now to upgraders is a system that has it's own issues compounded with all the longstanding unresolved issues that you have left festering and NO WAY OUT.

Bucyrus, OH
reply to gwalk
Save yourself from even more hassles, DO NOT get or
upgrade to GEN 4

This comment is due to my current experience I am having
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