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Aptos, CA
reply to captokita

Re: [WIN8] 40 million licenses of Windows 8 in one month

said by captokita:

Good point! I'm sure many people love it/will love it, I happen to fall under the "don't like it" column, and nearly everyone I've talked to that has used it also feel that way. I'm running it on my home machine so I can better support it for people, but damn.

I've been running it on work and home machines for several months. I think I see the "metro" screen about once a day. Which, honestly, is about as often as I clicked the start menu in 7. My working set of programs isn't that large.

As I said in another post - do people really spend a large amount of time using Start to launch apps? Why? You have like 1000 apps you run daily?

I'm constantly flipping between osX, Linux, and Windows (and iOS and Android and WP8) - so my work habits have to be tuned to be cross platform anyway. Maybe that's why such a minor change as the Start menu going away doesn't really impact me at all.
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Naperville, IL
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I did a wholesale upgrade of 7 machines at home. Not only do I like Win8, I think it's the future of MS computing. Also, with an existing Xbox 360 and future Windows tablets, Xbox, phones and touch-screen desktops on the near horizon for the family, this was a nice springboard to getting ready for the future.

The nice thing is, Win8 provides the flexibility to use the computer in whatever way you feel with the press of a single button. It gives everyone a choice as to how he/she wants to use the computer.
After reading postings from the self so-called experts on the MS and Apple forums, I just have to shake my head sadly.