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Leicester, NY
reply to Smith6612

Re: [DSL] Upload Speeds Rochester NY

Interesting I will contact Frontier - what info told you how long my line is?


Your upload isnt set to 384! Its set to 448 as you can see from your status. You are getting the standard max speed that Frontier offers. 768 upload is a business class upload. You can get that but it's considered an upgrade so of course they will charge you more. Are you using a 567? It looks like you are using an older modem. I would call Frontier and ask for a new modem. They are currently giving out Westell 7550. What you see there is the actual speed that is being delivered to your modem.

North Tonawanda, NY
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Hong is correct on the 448 upload rate being your delivered rate. When I give an upload speed I typically account for overhead on that delivered speed or what is known as "real-world" rates. When I mention 768kbps upload, unless I mention something along the lines of "sync rate of 768kbps" I'm usually just talking about the real-world speed you get on the line. Just to lessen any confusion