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reply to TiberiusX

Re: Just Got Turbo 50

said by TiberiusX:

If you're talking about the potential QoS issue with the ALU, I personally would still try to use the ALU, see how it goes. I believe there is a modified firmware floating on the net somewhere that helps with the issue somewhat. Worst case one is forced to use the Actiontech for now.

To be honest, the lack of a pure modem or bridge mode support in the Actiontech is the only thing stopping me from giving Telus a whirl, specially if I could get this new 50 plan.


That might keep me from the 50 plan as well.
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Edmonton, AB

EDIT, i run dual Wan with telus and shaw. looks like the speed test graphic got a little confused, but that was a test done with Telus turbo 50