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delusion ftl

reply to The Limit

Re: Pricing

This is insane, your bill cap is zero. Your consumer protection is that the government, nor the private sector is forcing you to purchase anything.
Imagine if you wanted a bill cap on a wardrobe of designer jeans, or mcrib sandwiches. Just stop buying what you don't want to pay for. Don't sign up for contracts or carriers that treat you poorly. Or pick a carrier that already has a bill cap.

When did we expect the government to force other people to give us what we want?

Not only that but you live in an area that has 5 infrastructure carriers (VZW, Tmobile, Sprint, ATT, Cricket) and numerous mvno's. Many of which will sell you texts for much less. For one example. Ting sells texts for no more than 3 cents a piece, and if you do enough it gets as cheap as a quarter of a cent a piece. If ATT wants to, starting tomorrow, start charging all their new and upgrading customers 3000 dollars a text, they should be absolutely free to do so assuming their customers are reasonably notified and understand they are agreeing to a $3000 a text service. They will go right out of business, but they should be free from the government telling them no. And conversely, if they wanted to offer unlimited texting and voice for free on every line and only charge for data, they should be allowed to do so.

The Limit
Greensboro, NC
I don't think you understand what I'm talking about. What I'm saying is that these same carriers are able to warp laws based on their preferences. However, we cannot. Carriers shouldn't be able to do that if they want to cry wolf and complain about how we don't need "government regulation", but in the same breath writing policy favoring their position. You don't think that's even slightly unfair?
"We will evaluate these integrals rigorously if we can, and non-rigorously if we must".
---Victor Moll, invited talk, Tom Osler Fest (April 17, 2010)


reply to delusion ftl
said by delusion ftl :

When did we expect the government to force other people to give us what we want?

Indeed, but what you people fail to explain is what happens when carriers collude. What happens when competition is really just a farce.

It's just mind-boggling that you folks seem to cheer this on, like you are the sole shareholder of these carriers. No different to cheering on the death of the unions and workers rights, as if you are F500 CEOs.