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Reno, NV
reply to TexasRebel

Re: Anyone with GEN4 have consistent Speeds

said by TexasRebel:

Got the PowerMax plan. I have NEVER seen 15Mbps or anything close to it which would be about 14Mbps. All I've ever seen is around 10-11Mbps down and barely 1Mbps up.

If they don't get this fixed in the next month, I'm changing my CC information to a prepaid debit card and then I'm canceling and they can try their damnedest to collect the termination fee but they'll never get it.

I'll then go with Verizon HomeFusion, which according to their website says it's in my area. 30GB for $120 a month with far lower latency..

I am also able to get Home Fusion now so the web site says, but if you look into it Verizon is having problems with it cutting out 2-3 times a day with no fix in site.