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Carpentersville, IL
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Re: Verifying backups

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I wrote my own backup script that runs every day to copy files from my main drive to a 2nd 500 GB HD.

Its mostly a lot of xcopy commands. For my pictures, the command is below (btw, I run that from the root of the "My Pictures folder")

xcopy /E /Y *.* "D:\System Backup\Pictures"

If I do a right-click on the folder "Pictures" I get the exact same size if I went to the actual "My Pictures" folder on my C drive.

In the above picture, my source is on the left, and my backup is on the right.

What should match is the number of files / folders, and the Size.
"Size on Disk" may be different, depending on a few factors, including fragmentation level, and if you have compression turned on or not.

For me, I know my xcopy command won't copy the "Protected operating system files", like "Desktop.ini" and "thumbs.db". If a number of them are present on your source drive, they may not be copied to your destination drive / media, which could result in a difference in total files and size.


--Brian Plencner

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Stupid people really piss me off.
Erial, NJ
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Plen - Total files and folders are the same, but total size is not. Is it possible that there would be 4-12gb of such OS files? That doesn't sound right to me.

Dave - The only problem with me using batch scripts is I don't know nearly enough about them to know what to actually use.

Stupid people really piss me off.
Erial, NJ
Just did a quick search for Windiff and it does seem to be out there, but I wasn't too sure if any of the first few places that had it were safe. But I did find winmerge and am running it now.