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reply to harrasment10

Re: [BC] No options

said by harrasment10:

Symtex its obvious im continually being bullied by the isp's not being provided anything that others seem to be able to enjoy. While Its not my job to police the internet behaviour its obvious that both telus and shaw single me out and bully me in there own way.

You have yourself so convinced that you are being singled out to receive poor service. Like Symtex said, there are many things that factor in to your connection speed. Have you ever heard of loop length. Basically it is the distance of copper wire from your house to the CO or relay station. The farther away you are, the poorer your signal will be and the slower your connection is.

What exactly has you so convinced that TELUS and Shaw are bullying you and singling you out? You mentioned that you were kicked off the Shaw network. Can you elaborate? Did Shaw tell you that because of how far you are, they are unable to provide proper service, or did they disconnect your service because of harassment and abuse of their help desk?
-= It's just random chance that I hit the keyboard in such a way that my responses make sense =-


It seems all my attempts at communication are rewarded with a placating tone of someone that actual wants me to suffer some kind of problem. This type of behavior in my experience can be described actually as a mental illness. The taking pleasure from someone elses pain and suffering. Its called Sadism. I feel for anyone that enjoys my pain and suffering. But Both isp's clearly demonstrate they want to control every aspect of there customers experience online. Its when they use this information to benefit themselves in such a way it really does start to irritate the reality of the fact the general public becomes aware of this. I watched julian essange on CNN today describe how all journalists basically engage in espionage. Its the facts that become difficult to digest I guess. I am not a journalist but the behavior is tollereated again because there are no other options to the service. I can't believe that irritating one person is actually how one thinks they could advance their career.

Overall I dont deserve to be treated like this. Whatever your going through I am not here to argue with you but bullying your customers and the placating tones eventually start making others so irritated they look to the only other option, satellite or 4g.