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Fremont, OH
reply to Loyal01

Re: Lack of Accountability at ATT, Don't Waste your money&time

You do realize that no company will reverse your payment back to you? They provide it on your account as a credit. Gas, Phone, Electric they all do this. And if you would like your money back, you can always request it from your bank, but be prepared to fight for it.

If you think they are behind Verizon? Why not switch to them? CellCo may have more customers and more "4G" than AT&T, but AT&T is surely not worried not really cares as far as that goes. AT&T is happy upgrading their GSM network without spending the billions VZ is doing. The beauty of a GSM network shows.

Also if you think Verizon Wireless/CellCo and Verizon will give you back the money for a double payment, think again. They won't. They may say their "sorry" but yet that is as far as they'll go.

Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
They can give a refund, but most likely it will be in a check form and take weeks to get and by then your next bill will be do.

Typically the only do it when you cancel the account, but they can do it whenever they want.
Now with credit/debit they could instantly issue a refund if they wanted to, but where is the fun in that.
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