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hilariously bad DSL service in NC, reading tea leaves

So I've had issues for a few months now with my DSL service, the standard high packetloss / high jitter / etc.

The issue is known to them, there's an open ticket, and the estimated resolution time is the fairly familiar 'lol get boned'.

That's not really news.

I'm actually curious about a noticeable change in my connection.

Previous to today I've been getting very high and bursty packetloss, but my pings were generally low (200ms) with ~150ms jitter because I presume very low buffering capability at the DSLAM. That is to say, any time pings started climbing over 100ms packet loss started spiking up to over 50%.

Today that changed. Any transients of congestion result in no packetloss but up to 500-900ms first hop pings. This is actually an improvement from 5-8PM, as transient congestion seems to be smoothed over with what I can only imagine to be a larger effective or actual buffer resulting from the equipment or configuration change. During sustained congestion (after 8PM), though, I'm now seeing instead of 30-50% packetloss now only 5-10% but fairly steady 500-900ms pings.

It's crap either way really, but the flavor changed.

So, in lieu of any real information from Windstream whose phone techs all seem to know as much as the trees in my yard about what's happening on their network, I'd like some help interpreting what could cause this change and what action it suggests they've been taking?