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Victoria, BC
reply to upantsmaster

Re: [BC] Bill C-11

said by upantsmaster:

I read an article today about what's considered as a reasonable penalty and the law is up to 5000 for non-commercial infringement. The court, the article argues, can say 100 dollars is reasonable. The law is making the judge decide what's reasonable and if the content owner wants to file a lawsuit for 100 dollars then I am in, just to see what's it like. In all seriousness, because of this law I am downsizing my cable TV and internet as well.

This is one of the things that makes me wonder if it will be worth it for companies to go after individuals.

In the US you get a letter saying pay us a few thousand dollars or we take you to court for hundreds of thousands. They's a pretty strong motivation to avoid the court system. It also allows the copyright trolls to rackateer money even if people aren't guilty.

In Canada there's a max fine of $5000. So what are they going to do... Pay us $2500 or you're to court and you might have to pay $5000? I don't think its per pirated item either. IE I don't think they can bust you for 20 items and fine you $5000x20.

The other thing is these companies can't take you to court directly? Its a law. Which means I think the cops or the crown have to charge you. How much of the court system are cops/crown going to want to fill up with this crap.

The question is because it's law. Does it create a criminal record? That could be the only deterrant I can think of. Not being able to go on travel to the US, jobs that require a check... etc...

Other then that how many people would force it to court over a few grand?

My guess? They'll eventually ammend the law to make it worse.