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Leasing space on city water tower

I have been in talks with my local municipality on leasing space on a water tower. My upstream provider has been working with the city planner to get a fiber ring around the city to light up more businesses and the industrial park, to make this place more attractive for large business. Some businesses still do not need fiber to the building, and the install cost is still out of the budget. I may have an opportunity to be the middle man and supply them via wireless.

The water tower is a prefect place for PTMP for those businesses, and a good place for a PTP backhaul to a larger residential area I am looking to serve.

I have never leased space at all, so for those of you that have leased space on a water tower, what could I expect to pay? The public works commissioner said they are leasing it to Nextel and Sprint, for between $9,000 to $20,000 a year.
Are you allowed to access them yourself? Or did you have to contract that work out? Certified tower climber? How much liability insurance?
Do you get access to the tower 24/7 with a key? Or is access done via the city still?
The city said they would have to ask sprint/nextel to make sure my gear would not interfere with theirs. I wouldn't, but I have read things about CPUs in UBNT gear doing weird things as well. Hopefully nextel/sprint don't just say no to the idea and squash my plans.

Thoughts? Anyone have a sample contract they could supply me?



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I have been trying to get on my village water tower and they called around other villages to see what other villages was charging the other WISP and I found out my village wanted to charge me 1k to get on there virgin water tower and I also found out the village gave me the contract they got from the other village and found out the village was basing it off of sprint contract so I contacted the other village to get the correct contract and soon as that other village got back with me with correct water tower agreement with the Other WISP it was basically coming down to 250 dollars for rent then hosting and giving village 3-4 sites internet access for free.

The Glitch
Cayuga, ON
reply to TheHox
Well insurance would be a must. Certified climber I think too.

Also you can probably expect to pay close to what they pay.?
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reply to TheHox
I was told also for insurance it had to be 1mil and noting about being Certified climber.

here is an contract:
»www.filedropper.com/wabashwatert ··· ower2004


Williamsport, IN
reply to TheHox
Insurance is a must.
Tell the city you are not a carrier. You do not take up the space a carrier would. Trading services is a good way to butter them up.

Design your boxes so you have 24x7 access to them. Even if it means a box outside of the nice building at the bottom. HomeLand security has scared many towns and cities about access. HS tells them a terrorist could taint the water supply. So they guard who has access quite a bit. Even if they never know when you are on the tower.