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I Actually use Windstream
Orange Springs, FL
reply to big_aug

Re: [Network] Absolutely Horrible Service in Ohio

Be sure in your router or modem MTU is set to 1492
But that won't make the difference. It's the kind of setting that pushes maybe 2.8 up to 3.2 or so.

I haven't been on this BBS for years, and looking at the list of posts
windstream has a national problem of overselling their bandwidth.

I get those same speeds in florida between 6 and 10 pm during prime time. I can see it slowing a little but I too go below 1 m most nights. I am an IT guy and it's not me.

They must be going broke.
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Hopedale, OH
It's definitely an oversell of bandwidth. It's 1:45am here now, and I'm hitting my full 3mbps

I have notcied that it's the evenings where the slowdown happens...