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I love torque

Senecaville, OH
reply to malianx

Re: [Troubles] Another Frustrated Customer


said by malianx:

With how widespread these problems are, we may be nearing class action territory.

Someone who is willing to throw the first stone, please, please do it. The first one that gets launched is going followed by lots of other upset customers including myself. I've been dealing with slow speeds, high latency, frequent disconnects, phone service that doesn't work, and a bunch of knuckleheads who blabber all day about "upgrading this and that" with dates that come and go. Its going to be three years of this for me in January. I've got numerous speedtest, pingtest, forum posts, instant messages, tweets, bbb complaints and emails to prove it. Ever since WS started increasing the upload speeds, I've been getting piss poor service. I know DSL isn't the best means of service, but come on, this is 2012 (lets say 2013 now). DSL wasn't born today.

I'm on my third modem now because these newer modems are SO MUCH BETTER than the old ones. Guess what no difference. We've only upgraded the DSLAM a handful of times, upgrading the hardware and connections (we added another T1, followed by fiber). They claim to be doing all this "maintenance", but half the time it never successful and never completes on time. WS just keeps doing what they do best. Take people's money, take free government money, buys every telco they can, flat lies to their customers and leave the network with much needed overhauls. I really, truly, believe, that this company is not "acting in good faith." Classaction probably won't do crap, but what else can we do? Can't just roll the family farm into a UHAUL and settle down where highspeed cable internet roams freely... though it would be nice. Guess I'm going to have to leave the family farm behind so I can have high speed internet that works. I need to have reliable highspeed internet for the work that I do, but WS doesn't care cause I'm just another mindless zombie who repeatedly forks over 40 bucks a month for 3Mbps and gets much less than that.