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New York, NY
reply to chrisb3127

Re: [Northeast] Higher pings tonight?

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FiOS 150M to OpenDNS
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FiOS 150M to Optonline
Here is a more detailed view from my connection to OpenDNS and to a friends server. My line, 150/65, was not in much use at all during this. This goes to show everyone what is actually happening between the Verizon ( I believe Alter is theirs as well) and Level 3. Unfortunately, almost everything is being shoved through them. This being said, it obviously affects those who game and it affects the speeds of those with the higher tier packages.

As for this happening ever since Sandy, I would say yes. Although I was away during that time, I RDP'd every night and noticed the ping/slowdowns. It just seems to be getting worse every day!

My thoughts do go out to everyone affected!


Newport, RI
·Verizon FiOS
My speeds are ok, within acceptable boundries, but ping time is now higher than Cox. Verizon says its not them. Not sure why my speeds and ping times fluctuate on fios even at odd hours. Verizons ping times are higher than what I had with Cox.

So much for fios dominance over cable, in my opinion, of course.