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[Availability] DSL Availability Mendenhall, MS

Hello, I live in the outskirts of Mendenhall, MS. I've been checking for att dsl for a few years now, with no luck. Over this time, I've noticed that UPS and other delivery services always have trouble located my home. I did a gps search of my address on google, and saw that it incorrectly places me further down the road out in a forest. The guy that owned this house before me was a police officer. I believe he lived in a trailer at the location given by gps, before building this house. He took measures to ensure he was not in the phone book, and I'm sure he meant to conceal his location. His brother is the contractor that built the house.

I tried using this website »www.t1shopper.com/service/dsl/ms···pi.shtml to determine if there was perhaps another company that offers dsl. Upon entering my address, it placed me at some 14,000+ feet from the Central Office. I looked at the map it provided, and sure enough, the location is wrong. My house is actually an estimated 2000 feet closer than that. I've driven down my road, and detected neighbors on both sides with secured wifi connections. I did entered the address of one neighbor in the att.com availibity survey and confirmed that they already have dsl service in use. I've done the same for a church nearby, that I noticed had 3 wifi connections in use.

I printed maps and satellite images to explain the problem with my 911 address. As well as marked known att dsl services in use near my home and took them to my local ATT store in Magee, MS. Once there, I explained my unique situation, and was asked to wait while a customer was served. After 20 minutes of waiting, the rep merely asked for my address and did a simple availability request... Then told me it was not available. So, I explained in detail, again, making sure she was listening and looking at the maps I'd brought. She then told me that I would have to try another store in either Hattiesburg or Jackson, both 45 minutes away.

I understand that even if it were available, speeds would be limited at best, given my distance, but it has to be better than what I currently use. I'm using Hughesnet for downloads, which is a pain with FAP. I'd upgrade to gen4, but I'm also a gamer. I've read ingame latency with gen4 is around 600-1000ms. I'm tethering my CSpire android with 3G to play online games, which has better ping sometimes 150ms late at night. I'd use only 3G, but I get charged 20 dollars for every 1Gig of bandwidth. Plus another 30 dollars a month just to tether the device. That doesn't include the monthly fee just to have data coverage. If I'm moderate, I'm paying around 200 dollars a month to have terrible internet. Both companies are cryptic in their plan descriptions.

That being said, what can I do? I just want a decent connection with decent ping.



said by cnpogue:

I tried using this website »www.t1shopper.com/service/dsl/ms···pi.shtml to determine if there was perhaps another company that offers dsl.

that website is clearly inaccurate...even using my address says DSL is not available when in fact, I used to have it and now Uverse is available.

try using this...

and find the nearest CO here..

the CO distance will help determine if you can get dsl and at what speed.



Ok, I located the CO. /coinfo placed the location at a local grocery and grain. Is it inside that building? It's an old building. There is a big metal box on the other side of the tracks, which happens to be right next to a line pole. Perhaps that is it?

Either way, I made two possible road routes to my house. It appears I am 3.7 miles(roughly 19,536ft) away on route A. Route B places me at 4 miles(21,120ft) away. Route A passed by my neighbor that has the service at 3.6 miles(19,008) from the CO. Route B passes by a church that has the service at 3 miles(15,840ft) from the CO. Both routes happen to split from one another at what I believe to be a remote terminal, not confirmed. The RT is 1.7 miles(8976ft) from the CO. That puts me at 2 miles(10560ft) from the RT by route A, and 2.3 miles(12144ft) from the RT by Route B. This is all assuming that google maps provides an accurate measurement of distance.


Santa Clara, CA
reply to cnpogue

said by cnpogue:

Hello, I live in the outskirts of Mendenhall, MS. I've been checking for att dsl for a few years now, with no luck.

Post the location info in the att direct forum. They can have an engineer check.