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Spokane, WA
reply to tarkin96

Re: [CenturyTel] Good internet for 3 months, then slow.

Your modem is connected at 7Mb down/574Kb up, which due to Overhead on DSL packets translates to a ~5Mb down/512Kb up connection

CenturyTel/Link often connected users at a download speed 20% higher than what they are/were actually paying for to compensate for that overhead. However, if you were to cancel your service and start fresh they would bill you at 7Mb instead of 5.
It looks like you are only getting half your rated throughput on both upload and download. there really isnt any way to check in the modem interface if someone is torrenting.

What does confuse me is your lower upload rate. on 1.5-20Mb connections it should be connected at least at 896K, so you may have some signal issues with your upload, which could also cause issues if you are getting lots of packet loss on the upload stream.

You said this was your brother's internet account, so how many computers are connected to the modem?

Also, did you find the signal levels?

And you still need to try and run a speedtest check overnight at some point.


Thanks again.

This is actually my mother's and i live with seeing as i am only in high school. But there are 2 computers and 1 other that we occasionally use the internet with.

And i couldnt run a speed test last night because the internet went out. Internet is fine now, so i will have to do that today.

And here is a speedtest from 7am.


Download seems greats but the upload is still pretty low.

Might just be upload problems.


Spokane, WA
do keep checking with speedtests ever now and then. if you could pull up the signal levels on your modem i think it might be a combination of poor signal on your upload and a congested terminal.

Since there are other computers on the network, unless you know what the other people in the house are doing there is no way to rule out that they might be using it constantly, causing it to appear slower.