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Re: New Canadian Bittorrent lawsuit: Who shared "Recoil&quo

said by peterboro:

3. Advise that you will defend vigorously and get a local computer nerd to testify as an expert about IPs. File numerous motions during the proceedings for disclosure and other procedural issues. It will cost them tens of thousands to recoup less than a thousand in awarded costs even if they prevail.

I've seen this happen in Quebec civil divorce where the other side represents themselves and drives the others lawyers fee's through the roof. As long as income tax records show the other spouse can't afford their own lawyer the lawyer of the other spouse can not refuse anything to the low income spouse.

So if they call 10x a day for 2 months, that's all billable hours. Any fax, call, piece of paper requested, any phone call to ask a question no matter how stupid. All billable per the minute to the one with the lawyer.

Not sure if you can do that in these cases though. No clue. Just know you can drive someones costs to triple with this during a Quebec divorce.