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Chicago, IL

Possible To Go From DSL 6.0 to Uverse 6.0?

I have ATT DSL 6.0 and am satisfied with the service. However due to a lot of streaming and some new downloads, I want a bigger cap. I figured I could upgrade to Uverse and get the 12.0

I went online and found that Uverse 12.0 is not available where I live. Oddly enough I live in Chicago, NW side. You'd think in Chicago, I'd be able to get Uverse, but it is not available for TV, Phone or 12.+ where I live.

I then asked if I could go from DSL 6.0 to Uverse 6.0. That way I could get the 250 data cap for the same price. They told me no. The only way I can be transitioned from DSL to Uverse Internet is to go to a higher speed. And since there is no higher speed available in my area of Chicago, I'm out of luck. She even suggested Comcast.

How's that for customer service? I've been with them for 17 years and they tell me, they don't want my business.

So I tried calling back another day, to see if another clerk had any ideas? I realize sometimes you get bad CSRs, or those who don't know enough.

She said the same thing, you cannot transition from DSL to Uverse unless you go up in speed. Again she suggested I look at alternate providers (no mention of Comcast but really, CSRs steering business away?)

I can't get ATT Business as the CSR said, even if I ran a business, it's a residential address and they won't allow a business account at a residential address.

So has anyone had any luck? Comcast is a company I detest worse than ATT now. (I never had issues with them before). Is it possible to transition to a higher data cap with Uverse?

Has anyone had any luck with this. Again the issue seems to be the speed has to go up. What worries me is the fact I live in the 3rd largest city in America and you can't get Uverse other than Internet 6.0, at least in my part. It shows ATT stopped caring about anything but wireless.


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Sugar Land, TX
They are not going to install u-verse equipment in your area just so you can get it. If you get enough people calling in and requesting it then they might. It look like your options now are
A: live with what you have
B: Pay At&t, level 3, or some other T1 or OC provider the big bucks (i.e. hundreds if not thousands) and get the connection that you want
C: Use the local cable company

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San Jose, CA
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reply to EricPost7
Whether you can get U-verse HSI, or not, depends on how they deployed the hardware in your neighborhood; if they even did.

What any given CSR will tell you depends on what they were told, and how they "internalized" that information.

I can't speak to your specific situation because my experience is not with AT&T Midwest, but with AT&T West.

At my former residence, AT&T deployed a VRAD adjacent to the Serving Area Interface (SAI) covering my neighborhood; but the premises remained wired back to the CO; and is more than 3,500 feet from the VRAD in any case. So no U-verse at all. More recently, after jumping ship to a CLEC, and out of curiosity, I ran an availability check on that premises. U-verse HSI is listed as available; but only at the same speed I used to have from them: 3008/512 ("Pro"). Further, the availability site shows U-verse HSI speeds down to 1536/384. I have to assume that, if U-verse HSI is available at all, it would be available at 1536/384 minimum.

Plant configuration varies. VRADS will have VDSL equipment, and may have ADSL2+ equipment. RTs and COs may have some mix of ADSL and ADSL2+ equipment. Availability will depend on that configuration, and is still in a state of flux such that phone reps likely don't have the latest, or even correct information.

The only suggestion I can make is to post an "Availability" request in the AT&T Direct forum. They should be able to sort out what you can actually get. You will need some patience because it can take two, or three days for a response; more for weekends and holidays.
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Lisle, IL
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reply to EricPost7
You can certainly change from traditional ADSL to U-Verse ADSL2+ or VDSL2, even at the same speeds

I have done many installs where this is the case, including today (traditional ADSL 6.0 Elite to U-Verse VDSL2 6.0 Elite)

I would try contacting sales again @ 800.288.2020, and if you continue to have no luck, try either a Direct forum post here, or contact the AT&T Social Media Support Team @

I have also done Business class installations at residences, so I know that is possible as well. You may have to call the Small Business Sales number (888.944.0447) instead of the Residential Sales number

Have you tried ordering U-Verse Internet online @ Might give that a shot as well to place the order. It also gives you the option there for Residential/Business as you do the availability check

As far as max speeds available on U-Verse (and it sounds like yours would be IPDSLAM ADSL2+ U-Verse), you would have to get installed first, and then see if faster speeds are available based on your new modem sync rates. Sometimes the databases are wrong and faster speeds are available, but that certainly is not all the time

Bronx, NY
reply to EricPost7
If they keep saying you can only upgrade to a higher speed, why don't you downgrade to the next lowest package (3Mbs?) and then ask them to upgrade you to U-Verse 6Mbps.
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