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Heave Steve, for the good of the country

Internet rights espoused by Fed Liberal leadership candidate

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George Takach is a IT/tech lawyer at one of Canada's leading law firms. Seems like he's got a firm grip on the balance of individual rights in the on-line world.

I'm not taking a political position on him as Liberal leader, I'm just pointing out something that I thing a lot of people around here might be interested in. This is stuff that we specifically talk about in this forum (not in Canpol) all the time because it is a national broadband issue of interest to all Canadians, and is no different than UBB discussions.

"We live in an online world, and it has unlocked a universe of opportunities. It allows people to gain a university degree without ever setting foot on a campus. It allows children to edit video, create apps, see and talk to their grandparents overseas, and help other children in the world's trouble spots.

Unfortunately, we have a government that sees our online world as a threat. They think everybody who lives in this online world needs to be monitored.

One of the cornerstones of my campaign will be a proposed Digital Bill of Rights for all Canadians. I will be seeking your input on what you would like to see in this law. But the bottom line is that someone has to step up to protect our rights from the excesses of governments.

My proposed Digital Bill of Rights includes: the right to be free from surveillance not authorized by a court of law; the freedom from abuse or misuse of personal information; the right to have access to uncensored online content; and the right to protect your online anonymity as long as you use it responsibly.

Of course we will also make sure that law-enforcement officials will have the tools they need to protect us from criminal and security threats. But my first priority will be to pull off the blinders of fear and ideology and embrace the future.


Saint-Constant, QC
"use it responsibly"

oh god...

reply to MaynardKrebs
said by MaynardKrebs:

Unfortunately, we have a government that sees our online world as a threat. They think everybody who lives in this online world needs to be monitored.

I don't think that's true at all.

I think it's more of a situation where the UK and Americans are pressuring and trying to force Canada to do this, per everything I read.

Sure some sock-puppets creep up, like an association for police chiefs and whatever else.

Keep in mind, the UK and the states already do indeed do this.

Also keep in mind that Canadian intel already looks at Email communications of "non-Canadians" in Canada, and those destined or coming from non-Canadians.

The Americans do the same.

So between the two countries, in effect, this is all already done anyhow on the entire north American population anyhow.

The only loophole they want to close is the domestic spying on legal Canadians citizens. All else is already done.