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Greenville, TX
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Re: Not Doing Their Job

I wouldn't call what it a paranoia - I'm aware that they spy, and quite frankly, it's that which bothers me. I simply believe that my life should be mine, and if the government wants to know about me, they can ask. If they still want to know, sure, they can spy / snoop / get a warrant. I wouldn't be happy with it, but at least I would know they aren't just doing sweeping surveillance. It's an ethics & moral based point of view regarding the government - and simply put, I disagree with it.

There are more than just the two extremes of the political spectrum - While I think that less government is better, I disagree with a large amount of the GOP platform regarding their strict, narrow beliefs.


America and Americans face bigger issues than some baseless paranoia about the government spying on you. The fact is that terrorism abroad has been proactively prevented from monitoring suspected activity. Whereas, over here, every gangster and organized crime outfit has rights. Hence us having the worst crime and homicide rates in the developed world.

Anyone who sits in the least regulated and most libertarian developed country on this planet and thinks we have too much government is out of touch with reality. It's along the lines of those who say we are taxed highly, when in reality, our nation collects the lowest percentage of taxes per GDP in the industrialized world.


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"Strict, narrow beliefs", formerly known as "principles".