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New York, NY

Genachowski is worst of the worst

Genachowski is a terrible FCC Chairmen. On one hand we supposedly have a spectrum crunch, but he is blocking or holding up sensible transactions that could help resolve this. He says we need more competiton in wireless yet his actions generally favor the incombents under some guise of the greater good-typical beaucratic BS. He is clearly trying to line up his next gig. Net Neutrality has no teeth....it's horribly inadequate. He's a complete failure at opening up more spectrum for 4G.

Also, LIGHTSQUARED!!!! Jesus....yet, he is holding up Dish's AWS-4 approval, which doesn't have the same intereference issues, in order to favor Sprint! haha. what a jerk. Dish's plan may impair that 5mhz, that isn't even being used but the FCC's plan would impair 5mhz of Dish's spectrum thus there is no net gain in spectrum...the FCC is simply picking winners and losers. It's just terrible...he's the worst of the worst of government beaucrats.