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Palatine, IL

AT&T, Yahoo and IMAP

Yahoo's implementation of IMAP server is far from perfect. As an AT&T customer, you will be caught between Yahoo and AT&T if you encounter any problem related to IMAP servers maintained by Yahoo. Yahoo will direct you to AT&T and AT&T does not manage those servers. What surprises me is that there does not seem to be any way of getting to the actual level 3 technical support of Yahoo just to tell them to take a look at their server. I wonder what kind of business model AT&T and Yahoo have worked out that leaves the customer in this situation.

There is a problem in the Yahoo IMAP server right now that does not fetch the message bodies of some messages. This impacts reading those emails from, say, any iPhone. I have wasted time talking to AT&T and Yahoo on these. May be I should start hunting for a new ISP.

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San Jose, CA
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Do either AT&T or Yahoo! officially support IMAP for normal Internet service (the older 'at&t Yahoo! HSI' or the newer 'AT&T U-verse HSI')? I ask because I had DSL service from before the SBC-Yahoo! partnership until April, 2011, and pure Yahoo! Mail from 1999 to the present, and IMAP service is not offered to Internet customers using DSL, or cable. It appears to be strictly a mobile offering.

If it is a Yahoo! issue with a mobile service, maybe you just need to find an E-mail Service Provider which supports mobile access; say ... Google?
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I'm using IMAP on my Yahoo account. Haven't tried it on my AT&T account, since I'm not a big fan of leaving mail on some corporate servers. I would rather have it downloaded and have left unselected "leave a copy on the server".

For my Yahoo account, the settings are for incoming mail:
select SSL
port is 993.

Since the email account is a free account, I don't send mail out. Looking at the Outlook Express settings, it looks like outbound would be SMTP anyhow, so I suppose I can send out via AT&T's SMTP servers.

The IMAP option has opened up as internet has migrated to cellphones. I don't think email is usable on cellphones without IMAP.


reply to Soumya
Since when did anyone force you to use your ISP as your email host?
It's easy to blame Yahoo or ATT, when the fault really lies with whole fragmented state of mobile development (go Apple). Using the particular application developed by given host will lead to less frustration.