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Cleveland, OH
reply to td854

Re: Intermittent disconnects (Central Ohio)

Your signal looks great. The drops are good actually, ideally you want to be close to 0. What seems odd is how much the signal is different on different channels, but I guess they are not that far a part to matter much. Your SNR is damn near perfect. I would try rebooting the router and modem and see what happens. I get random times of high pings and poor performance, but rarely do I get actual dropouts like that.

Edit: you don't 0 on upstream. Your upstream power looks good too. You want between 35-50 ideally. 55 or higher you generally will have issues.


Lewis Center, OH
I rebooted my router (it's a PC,) modem, and 16-port gigabit switch i bought at the end of last year, problems still exist, tried leaving them all off overnight and problem still exists. I tried running continuous pings between my main PC and all the other interfaces on the network (Printer, TV, NICs in each PC) just to see if something was dropping out through the switch and nothing dropped until it reached outside my LAN.