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Centereach, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to danclan

Re: Verizon is using Sandy as an excuse to force people to FiOS

said by danclan:


This is called changing the argument and its various forms. You are debating things that have nothing to do with your original premise.

I see no further reason for anyone to respond to this thread since the points raised have been addressed ad nausem and have so far not been refuted.

Thanks. Since the master has spoken we'll all go away.

Which argument has shifted?

There are two points to my argument:
- FiOS is not high availability - by design as opposed to the technology it replaces
- Verizon has shifted costs of running and maintaining the network to the consumer (for voice)

Your argument on the other hand is "fiber is great and fiber deployments can be highly available so therefore FiOS is too". Bologna! Just because it's fiber, the 10G fiber in my house that my dog occasionally walks over can't be called reliable.

Should be crystal for you. Everything else you wrote isn't very relevant.