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Chicago, IL
reply to filby

Re: DSL modems with built-in simultaneous Dual Band router ???

said by filby:

Hi, signing up with Centuryink. Sales rep said I'd get a Q1000 actiontec modem he claimed (after I asked) was simul dual band. I called Actiontec who said only the C1000a was simul. Problem is, spec sheet for either modem doesn't say "simultaneous" anywhere, so I don't know what to believe...

i make sure i ask them for the gateway only device (no built in switch/router/wifi, etc..) and i have had to reschedule appointments because it the tech didnt have one in the truck even though his notes stated which device i was requesting.

if they dont offer a gateway onle device, i always confirm that their all in one device can go into bridge mode so i can use my own equipment (router/wifi/etc).

this is becoming more difficult with all the ISPs coming out with their all in once devices. it was much easier (many years ago) when the ISPs didnt support home networking and only had devices with 1 port on them. i wish they still did that, the problem is, the majority of the customers dont want to buy extra equipment and it is easier for tech support to help them troubleshoot when their (ISPs) equipment is all the same/under their control.