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Re: But what about the bandwidth ....

I think they will charge based on the amount of DVR storage a customer wants and they will charge more if you want to record in HD (which would not bother me as the TiVo DVR in my house that gets the most use is connected to a standard tube TV in the living room). I only need a small amount of HD storage as the only HDTV in my house is in the bedroom and that does not get as much use as the standard definition tube TV in the living room (mostly use the HDTV to watch the news and play Music Choice for some noise while I sleep at night to drown out all the noises coming from the outside such as the fire trucks as I live near a busy fire station, car accidents, gunshots in the nearby housing projects, etc).

Our former neighbors in the other side of the duplex used to have loud parties playing hip-hop music very loud at all hours of the night and I would use the Music Choice channels to drown it out. I would like to use my SiriusXM subscription indoors with a pair of speakers as I have an active radio that I used in my car but the car is out of service so I am trying to locate a home kit for it but the radio I have is obsolete.