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Hazelwood, MO

FCC is a Congress problem

The FCC was established to pass off the responsibility of maintaining the communications of the US by Congress so they did not have to directly do it themselves. This is true of EVERY regulatory or government agency.

The big problems are 1.) The people put in the power of those agencies are not there for the people, they are there to further their career and typically that means going into the very industry they are suppose to be regulating so they are paving that road. 2.) Congress doesn't want to deal with the every day mandate stuff, but they wont give up or pass on the power needed to truly regulate the industries.

Solution: 1.) The people put in power at the agencies can't work in or for the industry afterwards, this include lobbying. Make conflicts of interest punishable under law both criminally and civilly. 2.) Congress gives the agencies the power needed to fully regulate the industry, or they don't create an agency to do it on their behalf to begin with.