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Midlothian, VA
reply to CGMason14

Re: Verizon is using Sandy as an excuse to force people to FiOS

said by CGMason14:

Wireless will never supplant a fiber plant in bandwidth or value, there just isn't enough spectrum to support it. I don't expect to see an uncapped consistent 35/35Mbit LTE connection any time soon. Plus the cell phone voice network pretty much collapsed the day after Sandy hit. Data worked for the most part, but voice service was dead. If the lines to your house didn't get knocked out, you still had POTS.

Whats funny is that I had an actual copper pair (actually 2 since we have 2 lines) direct from the CO prior to switching to FiOS in 2007. That same CO maintained an electromechanical crossbar switch well into the late 90s! It was obvious too, after dialing there was a short pause then a kr-klunk when the call connected and started ringing. The lines were never truly silent either, you could hear faint signaling tones and voices while dialing numbers.

Old school CO....but wireless will eventually take over...it's not going to happen in the next 5 years but 10 years out you should expect there to be fewer people hard wired and decline in wired connections. Its happening already and will continue to accelerate as younger wireless kids age and move out.

Wireless whether we like it or not is the future state of a very large portion of the communications environment Just check out the sheer number of smart phones being purchased in the past 5 years and their growth.

There is AMPLE bandwidth. The issue is really how efficiently its deployed and with what type of radio. The US mobile carriers aren't nearly as efficient as European. I think (hope!) that will improve over the next decade.