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Re: [Speed] DOCSIS 3.0?

You got it.

Although I believe your data will be split up through all channels you're connected to. A little bit on each channel.

I know D3 helped me a lot, because I wasn't hitting my 15mb during peak times with my old D2 modem. Speeds would drop to 7-8mb during the evening. I upgraded to 30mb with a D3 modem and I get 31 or 32mb all the time now. In my market (Lubbock, TX) we have 8 bonded downstream channels.

El Loco

Greenville, NC
What about upload. Do you think Suddenlink will ever bond our upload speed or are they in the process of doing that?


Lubbock, TX
Suddenlink can bond upstream in Lubbock with it's current (new) CMTS platform but they choose not to.

Although you may have 4 channels-that is great-they are often spread amongst 2, 3 or 4 nodes. This is all dependent on how many ports they have available on the CMTS(s), and how the wiring is done in the headend. So you could have anywhere from 200 to 750 modems on one set of 4 channels, or in Lubbock's case, 8.

Upload channels are often spread amongst multiple nodes also. They just don't need to bond with the crappy upload speeds they offer right now. One 64 QAM channel is enough for the time being.

Remember that voice also has its own DOCSIS channel as well as all the VOD DOCSIS channels-these take up space also.

Haughton, LA
Channel bonding 2 megs up...... I'm pretty sure SL staff asked themselves also, 'Why bother'