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Little to No Service even after Gen4 upgrade

I have had Hughesnet since 2005 and have had constant problems that entire time. There are no other providers in my area except dial-up and because I try to run an internet business, that just won't work. I used to have the 7000 system but my service was constantly going out and speeds were VERY slow (averaging about 45-75kps). I was told that I must upgrade to the professional system (the 9000) and their most expensive plan, which I did. By late last year my service was so poor that it was only working 1/3 of the time and my system did not operate at all during the "free download period" of 1AM to 6AM CST. Because of this and the quantity of my downloads (I have to upload and download Massive sites on a regular basis) I was FAP'd 7-9 times a month. I was paying approx. $130. a month for the service and then an additional $70.00 or so in restore tokens and for many months my bill did not fall below $200.00 a month. On top of that I had to buy a hotspot and pay for that so I could drive down the road and use the internet when I absolutely had to be online. That cost me an additional $100.00 a month. So for $300.00 a month I Barely had service. In April, 2012 I was told that the only recourse I had was to upgrade to the Gen4 system which I finally pre-ordered on May 9th. I was told at that time I would not have to pay for it because they could not get my current service to work. Needless to say, at the end on September they finally installed my Gen 4 and I had to pay the installer approx. $130.00 to get it installed. They would not check or move the cabling (which I suspect is my problem since they've replaced everything else) unless I paid an extra $140.00 even though I was installing a new system. Now I have been down, except for about 1/2 hour a day, since Nov 2nd. I began calling on Nov 2 and got recordings that they were so busy that they could not take calls. I called repeatedly from Nov 2nd until About Nov 15th and finally got tier 4 tech support in Texas. Now it is Nov 29th and I was supposed to have a tech come out today from Intersource (another horrible company) and they called me yesterday saying that I would have to pay for the service call. I was already required by Hughesnet to pay $200.00 for the installation (after the $130.00 to the installer)and $100.00 for service for Nov even though I didn't have service all month just so I could get that 1/2 hour a day online. This is the period of time where my retail effort should make about 1/2 of my entire years money online but I have stacks of items here that I have been unable to list online so this month alone without service has possibly cost me THOUSANDS. Needless to say, I spent all day yesterday leaving messages at the tier 4 tech support line and they never called me back. I talked with a manager last night who assured me that they had updated the service call and that someone would be here this morning, I would not have to pay, and he would call me at 11AM this morning. It is now 12:15 pm and I have had no technician, I got a call from Intersource to reschedule the call AFTER I committed to pay for it and Mark, the tier 4 supervisor has NOT called me back. I have called them several times and get a recording that I cannot even leave a message at this time due to call volume. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO???

West Mich.
Under somewhat "normal" circumstances I'd say post on the official Hughesnet website so that Sara or Snow could cut through some red tape.

However in the last couple of days they have had a bit of a riot over there. It seems that any comment that isn't pro Hughes gets deleted in a heartbeat.

A number of people from here (myself included) have been banned from posting over there..because if it's not working no amount of sugar coating is going to make it work.

About the only thing I can think left for you is to call Hughesnet Executive Customer Care.
Here is some contact info copied from an old post:

Here is some contact information for executive customer care. The manager of ECC is Ellen Martz. Her number is 301 428-5701. Her email address is emartz@hns.com. My suggestion would be to start by sending a clearly written and complete description of your situation in an email. The normal procedure would be that she would assign your case to one of the ECC reps, and that person would contact you in a few days.

In the past I had one issue that couldn't be resolved. I calmly contacted ECC with my complaint and info and it was fixed within minuets.

Give it a try and let us know how you make out.

Reno, NV
reply to Teri
Well Teri
It seems like Snow on the community web site has gotten back to you & it is the same ol thing, PLEASE POST YOUR CASE# so we can help.


Edgewood, TX
reply to Teri
I'm about to take this effin HNG4 system and unload a few clips of 7.62mm into it and then ship it back to them and tell them to go ef themselves.

I can't stand this crap with having to pay for a level of service and getting the same service as the lowest package only with a bit more data allowance.

Maybe 12-21-12 is the end of the world and HN simply doesn't give a crap at how bad your service is...It sure seems that way..

Paying for PowerMax with 15Mbps and never getting above 10Mbps is pretty damn bad in my opinion. Especially when I used to have Exede and they were blowing past their advertised 12Mbps down with 18-20Mbps down most of the time and 3-4.5Mbps up..

This is getting downright effin ridiculous..

West Mich.
reply to Teri
Teri, I see your post on Hughes site, just more of the same.

My advice, call ECC. That is the top of the Hughes heap. If you can't get it fixed through ECC your not going to get it fixed.

Have looked to see if Exede is available ?

TexasRebel, I feel your pain. Getting a rash of DNS error again.


Lampasas, TX
reply to TexasRebel
Texas Rebel... Grass is ALWAYS greener across the fence...Exede is coming around...

East Texas

reply to Teri
I'm one of the ones that got blocked. I do have my speed back at the moment. Probably because they were tired of my posting negative stuff about the Gen 4. Every time they blocked one user name. I would create a different one and go at it again. I f I was you Teri I would forget HN and go with the Exede. If my speeds go down again I'm leaving HN. I been with them for 9 years but this is crazy.

R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV
·Frontier Communi..
reply to Teri
Just mainly in the evenings is when i get my issues... I just do not get it, and i seriously doubt that this problem is all because someone is uploading/downloading a bunch of things. it would have to be every single customer to be downloading something at once to make the system lock up or mess up pretty bad.. I bet if all of us were to plan on downloading something heavy for just 1 or 2 hours at full speed, the servers might just crash.
HT1000/ BeamID 32/ Power Max plan/ 4 pcs on a D-Link wired router/ wireless D-Link router with password
Support only the gaming company's that matter the most, pay for something that actually is worth buying or has a good reason for how much it's worth.

Quinault, WA
reply to East Texas
said by East Texas :

I f I was you Teri I would forget HN and go with the Exede. If my speeds go down again I'm leaving HN.

Exede 12 has its own problems - DNS servers that don't work (beginning on Nov. 5, 2012). They did send out an email apologizing for the problem, and it seemed like they had fixed the problem. But it has been an issue again for the last couple of days.

I had a discussion today with my Exede 12 neighbors who are looking for a way out of their contract so that they can switch to Gen4 ...

When Exede 12 does work, it is very fast. But if reliability is more important to you, I'd stick with Hughes, for now. (Reliability is extremely important to me, so I chose them both.)
HT1000/Time Capsule, Exede 12/Airport Express, OSX Snow Leopard


Nashville, TN
reply to gwalk

East Texas

reply to james1979
That's the main thing. They did send out an email aplolgizing. HAS HN DONE THAT? NO they have not.


reply to Teri
Hey, It's Teri Finally. Thanks for the input. Believe it or not this is the first I've been up since I wrote that post so I hadn't seen, much less tried, your ECC idea. I'm writing down the number 'cuz who knows when I'll be up again so I can get back here. The amazing thing is that I just saw 1MB for the first time ever (and I'm paying for 15MB). They keep telling me it's normal to see only kb/s even with the 15Meg plan. Listening to you, I guess that's just not true. My system has NEVER worked right though. Tell me, What speeds should I be seeing with my plan??? Just so I finally know what's normal. I'm going to give ECC a call first thing in the morning and I really hope they can get this working on a more regular basis. Losing the up time is really killing my online retail efforts here. Most of my yearly salary comes from Nov 15 to Dec 20th. I'm going to have a VERY lean season. Thanks again for the help. I'll let you know what happens.