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Re: [Availability] DSL Availability Mendenhall, MS

said by cnpogue:

I tried using this website »www.t1shopper.com/service/dsl/ms···pi.shtml to determine if there was perhaps another company that offers dsl.

that website is clearly inaccurate...even using my address says DSL is not available when in fact, I used to have it and now Uverse is available.

try using this...

and find the nearest CO here..

the CO distance will help determine if you can get dsl and at what speed.


Ok, I located the CO. /coinfo placed the location at a local grocery and grain. Is it inside that building? It's an old building. There is a big metal box on the other side of the tracks, which happens to be right next to a line pole. Perhaps that is it?

Either way, I made two possible road routes to my house. It appears I am 3.7 miles(roughly 19,536ft) away on route A. Route B places me at 4 miles(21,120ft) away. Route A passed by my neighbor that has the service at 3.6 miles(19,008) from the CO. Route B passes by a church that has the service at 3 miles(15,840ft) from the CO. Both routes happen to split from one another at what I believe to be a remote terminal, not confirmed. The RT is 1.7 miles(8976ft) from the CO. That puts me at 2 miles(10560ft) from the RT by route A, and 2.3 miles(12144ft) from the RT by Route B. This is all assuming that google maps provides an accurate measurement of distance.