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[Tip] Backups for Servers Help


Mods, feel free to move this as I was not sure where to post this to be honest, thanks.

Hi guys,

I had to start a new position a few weeks ago, and its been a mess getting things sorted. One thing I need to get back up to speed on is improving the backups where I work.

Currently have Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 backing up to disk on an old server with little disk space.

I am going to build a new server (Dell Poweredge) to be put into the rack. We don't have the money or bandwidth for cloud stuff, so gonna have to still back up to disk for now.

Was wondering of any other solutions out there aside from Backup Exec 2012 that I should be looking at?

Also in addition, I am looking for a Network Attached Storage device »search.dell.com/results.aspx?s=g···l&ref=ac from Dell, since that is our vendor of choice here.

Any recommendations on one from any of you?

I need to backup about 8 Windows servers, they are either 2003 or 2008. The previous network admin looks like he was just backing up the system state but nothing else. Is that still fine or do any of you backup the entire C drive?

Anyways, looking for some thoughts/ideas/discussion on this topic.

Thanks as always!
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I've used BE for years with no issue, so you should be fine there. Just make sure that you're licensed for the features that you need...AOFO, Exchange, SQL, etc.

Have you considered backing up to tape? The newer LTO 4 or 5 tape drives (or libraries, if you need more than one tape per backup) are pretty quick now. LTO 4 tapes have 800GB native capacity, or 1600 GB (1.6 TB) per tape compressed.

As far as what to back up when, that needs to be a business decision that you make. You could do bare metal backups if it's important to get things running quickly after a disaster. Or you can do just standard backups of files that are really important. We do grandfather-dater-son rotation here in which we do daily backups, weeklies and monthlies. The dailies are kept for a week, then a weekly is run, after which the dailies are overwritten. The weeklies are kept until the monthlies are run, then the weeklies are overwritten. We send the monthlies out to be stored offsite.
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+1 tape. Portable for offsite storage. For the cost of the server you are building you can get an LTO5 plus tapes for a few week rotation.

Would your business survive if your backups didn't? Put a price tag on that...
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