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Superior, WI
reply to iansltx

Re: Time-Warner for the Win!

said by iansltx:

As far as low-income households go, if TWC has their way they would be paying $30-$35 per month for 'net access at 3 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up, after paying $20 per month for the first twelve. Compare this to 5/1 for $300 spread over 12 months and then nothing thereafter, and Google wins. Remember that many low-income families are paying more than $25 for phone service, even if they're on prepaid.

Lowest tier TWC offers is a 3/1 tier for $20 per month(plus fees and taxes), and with their modem rental charge, im sure it comes out to about $31 to 33 per month.


Cortland, NY
Before we all bash TWC keep in mind:

They are good about letting you use your own modem
They can actually push 3Mbit to the low end users
The support isn't pure crap.

Compare to Vz or Century or Frontier
They loop at 3mbit and barely push 768 through there
The have modem fees even with your own modem (Frontier)
The actually fix stuff (Vz keeps telling me they want me on FiOS not DSL...get FioS here and i'll use it).

And TWC has a wider footprint.

Don't get me wrong I'd fork over $300 in a hearbeat for 7 years internet.