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Superior, WI
reply to tshirt

Re: So, I wonder...

said by tshirt:

You don't believe offering to give away 5Mb service for 7 years for the install price is intended to draw away TWC customers?
or that $0 per month is so far below any realistic cost of existing "for profit" provider, that it is obvious predatory pricing intended to drive TWC from the market.
What part of predatory do you not understand?
That pricing and the extended term of service clearly exceed any reasonable "promo".

I doubt it would ever get called predatory pricing by TWC because two things would happen.
1) Google would raise tons of questions as to how TWC can charge how much they do for their services when Google is clearly making a profit on a FTTH gig for $70 per month, then why does TWC need to charge nearly 2 times that much for 1/20th the speed.
2) google has more money and lawyers than TWC does, and it would slam TWC right back for its anti-competitve crap that it pulled before Google started installing fiber(paying money for people with info, nearly forcing people into Long Term contracts with steep ETFs), and also would probably slam TWC with anti-competitive charges over the way it tried to block google's access to the public utility poles that TWC was renting space on(and any ISP or anyone should be able to as long as the same reasonable fee that TWC was paying is paid), and why TWC then wanted Google to pay more for access to the same poles(its all in the public filings. TWC wanted google to pay nearly 2x as much for pole access as they were paying. How is that even fair?).

Everything TWC did to try and block any of the Google initiative could be considered anti-competitive, and when TWC lost, it had to just suck it up and deal with it, because if they press forward with predatory pricing or anti-competitive behavior charges, google can literally toss the book at them, which would affect them nation wide, and not just in Kansas(both of them). Its a single market, which is why TWC will do nothing more to piss off Google, because they fear the repercussions of an investigation to their entire nationwide business.