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reply to TD Nickell

Re: Microsoft Surface Pricing

said by »www.zdnet.com/how-are-windows-8- ··· 0008228/ :

There are two big troubles with the NPD numbers, though.

First, they don't actually represent month one. NPD's release says "Windows 8 initial four week launch sales include the time period of October 21 – November 17, 2012." That survey period starts five days before the launch of Windows 8 and runs for 22 days after the launch event. It also doesn't include Black Friday. The press release might have been released a month after launch, but the numbers represent sales from the first half of November, traditionally the slowest time of the year.

Second, although the NPD press release stated that "Windows 8 tablet sales have been almost non-existent," the research firm failed to count sales of Microsoft's Surface RT, which was the only tablet on the market for much of the post-launch period.

Finally, there's StatCounter, a rival of Net Market Share, which calculated that by November 26, worldwide web usage from devices running Windows 8 was equal to 1.31% of total traffic. Remarkably, that figure is identical to Net Market Share's calculation.

Trying to turn those usage stats into hard numbers is an exercise in fuzzy math, but it's reasonable to assume that at least half of the 40 million licenses Microsoft sold in the month after Windows 8's launch are now in the hands of computer users. And many new PC models are just beginning to hit the market. NPD says only 58% of PCs sold in their sample period were running Windows 8, with the remaining 42% consisting of inventory running Windows 7. That means the numbers at the end of December will be significantly more illuminating.

In other words: Still too early to tell.

Folsom, CA
reply to Badonkadonk
said by Badonkadonk:

I think over time that's going to be possible and likely to happen. I think Intel also needs to ramp up its game. Their mobile initiatives move too slowly. With AMD struggling, I don't think they provide nearly as large of a fire to light under Intel's butt as they used to do.

Trust me, Intel has a big fire under their butt, with or without AMD. Intel has some very exciting low power products on the road map, but it takes time to take performance, and then power reduce it. I think you will see some cool products over the next few years. Sure, we'd all like it earlier... even Intel - and they are moving as fast as they can to get low power products to market.

Full Disclosure statement - I work for Intel and was part of the team that just launched the latest Intel Atom based tablets known as "Clovertrail". Statements above are my own... not Intel's.
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Re: Microsoft Surface Pricing

I was a chip designer for AMD, so I know exactly about development and timing, etc. But I also know that Intel worked better and faster with a true competitor and AMD hasn't been a true competitor in a few years.
How nice. This country is being run by a broken record repeating the same two words over and over. Cretin.