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bob mccud

reply to Kaosfury

Re: [Exede] just ordered exede and already having problems

said by Kaosfury:

on record? lol

and if you need it on a pole, you better provide the pole, or be ready to pay around 99-150 dollars.

the office.... exede cannot guarante you have a home that fits the "standard install"

anythnig non-standard there is a fee for.

well considering i'm already a customer and the current dish is already on a pole then yea they kinda can guarantee my home fits the install. That's besides the point though. My main complaint is the woman i talked on monday is apparently clueless and doesn't know how to confirm an appointment. Also i was indeed told by 2 different people that the only thing i'll have to pay is a 49 dollar activation fee.


Well the installer was suppose to be here between 8 and 12 but he called and said he would be a little late so he hasn't shown up


Still hasn't shown up yet


Altavista, VA

i finished my route just now.

everyones time is important, and all your asking for is a phone call i am sure... hope he calls


Installer said his last appointment had computer problems. He just finished and left and everything is working fine but the strange thing is the icon on my screen says I have no connection yet I'm streaming yet and posting this message

bob mccud


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my ul speeds are really bad and in the bottom 40 percent. They were 458 kb per a second