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Fairfield, OH

Fioptics-Month Two

I'm on my second month and overall I'm very happy. I had a CC delay that was solved by 1. Reboot on Setbox 2. Reboot on cable modem 3. reboot on the set box again. All of this was necessary in that order.

I'm only left with two problems (if you don't count the lack of HD on Demand for HBO or Cspan 3 not available).

Problem 1: When I turn on my equipment everything comes on fine, but then it seems to go into some "rest-time" mode where the very basic keys: Volume, Channel Change, Guide do not react. Within about 3 minutes they again become enabled and everything is fine.

Problem 2: When playing shows on the DVR if I fast forward anywhere passed about the 75% finished mark, it dives immediately to the end of the recording. The resume doesn't work. I am forced to start at the beginning and FF my way all the way through to where I was. (I have a repair order on this which they said they could probably fix without coming to my house. We'll see).

The desktop box is Cisco equipment B703V3A.

Whoops, one other gripe: no way to set up a fixed "turn on" channel that you would prefer it enter when you first start up equipment.


Cincinnati, OH
FYI - That box is a ZTE product rather than Cisco product.


Cincinnati, OH
reply to hellofromme
We have the same issue with the DVR and fast-forwarding. We are on our 3rd or 4th DVR in our living room. They all have done it.
Funny thing is - we have a 2nd DVR downstairs, and it has NEVER had that problem. Maybe we just lucked out on that one.
Cinti Bell SERIOUSLY needs to ditch the ZTE boxes. They are the biggest pieces of shite I have ever seen. Other than that, I haven't had any issues either. We've had the service since 12/22/11.


reply to hellofromme
Hi hellofromme,

My name is Katie and I work for Cincinnati Bell. Can you email me your account # and a convenient contact # so we address your two problems? Please email me at cincinnati.bell@fuse.net and put "Fioptics-Month Two" as the email subject.


Cincinnati Bell
Social Media Team


Fairfield, OH
reply to hellofromme
Tick, tick, tick goes the clock counting down from a frazzled attitude on my part to outright pain. Have I made a big mistake by ditching the old TW and going with Fioptics? Small problems are multiplying like gnats in summer.

Every time I call I get a more unhelpful person. Hmmm, sir, it says on your ticket that your problem has been fixed!" Aaah, nope. Just sat down over the weekend and got to watch a couple of sporting events.
Quick, gliding sports professionals turn into hesitating smears when they go fast. Guide seems to work more slowly all the time. DVR needs to be completely re-booted at least once a day for various reasons. FF on the DVR will take you right to the beginning again if you go too fast.

I really think the ZTE machine is garbago bought from some anonymous Chinese company. If Cin Bell stakes their business on this piece of equipment, they are headed for a fall.

I really believe my problem is in my wiring. I have my own high end Netgear router which is still functioning but the installer added the ZTE cable modem/router and circuit seems a lot more complicated than it ought to be. Why do I need two routers? Also, I have one co-ax section on the wiring?? Why??? I have no clue on how to do this bridge mode stuff, but I'm a quick study and could probably learn, but that's why I hire "professionals"

And why is my bill ten dollars higher than the salesman promised? And why do the little green LEDs inside the set-top boxes have to be so bright and keep me awake at night?

I dunno, I have a tech coming out on Thursday. I'll keep you posted.


Cincinnati, OH
The only reason to use coax for part of the connection is that it is already there. Cable companies also use MOCA adaptors to push the IP connection over existing coax.

The ZTE software has been a fairly constant source of complaints although the current version is certainly better than ZTE's previous attempts.

I was looking forward to trying the whole home DVR service but frankly the idea of paying for it on the ZTE boxes seems laughable given the remaining bugs in the basic DVR service!


Fairfield, OH
OK, if anybody has any leftover crow from Thanksgiving, I'm ready to eat some!

Good visit from the Cinti Bell tech. He changed out the modem and made some adjustments. Tech was friendly, listened well to my complaints, had a very good knowledge of the products and what might be wrong. Little bit of fine tuning and I'm good to go.

One of the problems was in my infrared repeater for my remote.

Anyway, my worries have dissolved and I recommend the service wholeheartedly. When they get the fiber to my front door I'll be all the happier. Love my TV service. Love my computer hook up, but not sure I still love Katie, because I'm not sure if she really exists.
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