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Bless you Howie

DS forum?

Hey guys. I just finished paying off the layaway of my son's Christmas gift, a DS Lite (unfortunately, I'm gonna have to walk a few miles to the store to get it). Next I need to get the DS Two which I will buy next month or so (I'm not shipping this until February when I send a care package). Just in case you ask, he's in the Philippines and I don't even think they sell DSs where he lives.

Anyways, I was wondering if there are any good forums and fan sites for Nintendo/DS owners that you like?

Also, he's 14 and I'd like suggestions on games, the only game I've ever seen used on a DS was Nintendogs, which is really cool but seems more suited for younger kids?

Also, advice needed with the DS Two, how do we put songs and videos on the device? I am hoping that some of you might take me under your wing and guide me through the setup by PM. I'll pick it up this weekend or next week, it's gonna be a long walk, so I have to plan for it.

Also, other than headphones, what else should I get for it?

My budget is tight, incidentally.
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In regards to what else to get for it, I highly recommend screen protectors. I got those for the 3DS I got my daughter last Christmas and I'm so glad I made that investment. I'd also recommend a good, sturdy case to store it in. I got a kit that included a case, screen protectors, headphones, an extra stylus or two, a cleaning cloth, and a car charger for about $25.

As for games, has he ever mentioned any games to you? Does he like Mario? Sonic? There are some good games that spawn those genres. Pokemon may or may not be something he'd enjoy. If I were you, I'd maybe go to allgame.com and browse through their list of DS games - read some of the synopses, see if anything jumps out at you. That's what I did when I got my daughter her 3DS last year because the only thing she could tell me was that she wanted Mario and I had to wing the rest.

As for forums, I generally stick to either here or Reddit for my gaming needs. I'd be surprised if there's not a subreddit for DS or 3DS or handheld gaming or something along those lines.
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