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Re: [TWC] Time Warner Cable Channel Wish List

We’ve had both HBO and Cinemax On Demand in HD for probably two years now here, and Showtime even longer. Over a year ago, HBO 3D On Demand was added which is a huge plus for me. It would be nice to have Starz On Demand in HD. And I believe Starz does do 3D On Demand as well. Comcast has it, IIRC. That might come if TW and Liberty ever sign a new agreement, the Starz channels have been on month to month for a long time now. The HD feeds of Starz Cinema and Starz In Black have not been added here either.

All I want is for Time Warner to add the channels that they have previously announced. And it’s unrealistic, but add Epix. And while I’m being completely unrealistic, iNDemand can get the rights for NFL Sunday Ticket so I can drop DirecTV.

As much as I’m pro big business, and would like to see Epix, the creation of that suite of channels was basically to bone customers after Viacom and CBS split. Everything that the Epix channels air should be on Showtime. So from that standpoint, I would not like to see them added and have MSO rebel against Epix.
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