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reply to Justa Testn

Re: What's the next step up from a DIR-655?

I went from a DIR-655 to a DIR-825; for a while I regretted the choice. The 825 is finally a stable workhorse, initially it had issues.

The latest flavors of firmware for my DAP-1522's (1.40) and the DIR-825 (2.07NA) are solid. The DAP now correctly get's it's time set from the time server.

That being said I do still plan on eventually upgrading to an N900 (still leaning to a WD - MyNet N900 Central largely because of it's 1tb/2tb drive and dedicated 800mhz server processor) and perhaps DAP-1533's though I may dodge the 1533's and just pull a wire to connect my TiVo's, or spend a little more to switch to MOCA. I'm holding off on upgrades until the TiVo app for Android's support the TiVo Stream.

Currently for all intents my two TiVo's each on a separate DAP-1522 seem to currently respond as if they are wired. If adding the TiVo Stream proves to function with the TiVo's still on DAP's I'll gradually do upgrades, likely w/DAP-1533's.

The addition and transition to DUAL band however you do it is well worthwhile; In my immediate area the common 2.4ghz band there are 13 SSID's in range of me all overlapping. The 5ghz band is a totally different story, crickets as I am the only SSID. Even if I were not at least those channels in 5ghz land DO NOT OVERLAP.
---- Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
---- Albert Einstein

-- DLink DIR-825 (B1) fw2.07NA / DAP-1522 (a1) fw 1.40 {2@5ghz bridge mode} / Clear Modem series G