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Orangeville, ON
reply to Haris567

Re: Rogers "Ultimate Fibre" internet

said by Haris567 :

said by Orthak:

said by elwoodblues :
Not to mention a cap that you can burn through in about 5 minutes.
I've never understood this logic.

So tell me this do you still use the same bandwidth you used in dial up days? This should be pretty obvious that the higher the speed the more the usage. Eg someone who watches YouTube videos in 360 might switch to 1080 when there is no buffer wait. That's just one out of countless ways your behavior changes when you have better speed. Others might get TV through Internet with better speeds. Like I said, our usage has come a long way from dial up days.

Exactly. Faster speeds mean you can do more data-intensive things in a shorter amount of time. This means you could be on the internet the same amount of time as you've always been but have used way more data than you would have before. It's not hard to understand but sadly many people aren't getting the correlation.

The incumbents get it, that is the very reason they are all too happy to increase speeds. It makes them look like they want to make your internet experience more pleasant and at the same time charge you for overages when you inevitably exceed their silly ever-shrinking caps.


Scarborough, ON
Let's not lose sight of the fact that the only people who are going to sign up for the 250/250 tier are going to be people who actually understand how usage works and will know exactly what they're getting themselves into.


except that its free so in this case that may not be true


Scarborough, ON
said by eeeaddict:

except that its free so in this case that may not be true

Regular consumers who aren't tech savvy will shop for their internet service by calling Rogers or visiting a retail outlet. You cannot sign up for 250/250 through any of those channels. You need to qualify yourself online and then someone from a special team contacts you to set everything up. The people who will sign up for this probably have heard of it through this website or another tech oriented website and are aware of what a GB is.

Also in the Toronto area, it is only deployed in a highly affluent area. Those with higher incomes usually won't just jump on something because it's free for the first year. They're often more interested in the long term costs.