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Millenicom speed issue U760 3G

Speed update – with my Verizon device that had an account directly with Verizon (my original account)…. I would see spends of 2-3MBS…but it had a 5GB cap – which I seldom used up each month.

With this new device from Millenicom that has an account with Millenicom with 20GB 3G plan – I see spends of 1-2MBS…..they both use the exact same device (U760). So I get about half the other speed.

So I called to understand why the speeds were different and this is what I learned.

Basically – I am on different backend networks – both use Verizon for initial access (frontend/gateway) so while I can connect through any Verizon tower in the nation. The backend network is a different path onto the internet. So, the actual throughput speed will be slower with Millenicom but you get more of it (20GB).

For my ranch I typically get .75MBS which is certainly fast enough for my normal stuff but the original Verizon device would get 1.2-1.5MBS (about twice as fast).

ATT would get me only .25MBS as it did not get 3G only edge. So it’s still 3x faster and 4x more data a month then ATT. But half as slow but 4x more date then Verizon.

I seldom notice this speed different for doing typical stuff but there is a difference. It’s not Verizon 20GB for $69. It’s Millenicom with 20GB for $69 using Verizon as their ‘gateway’ onto the backend network to the internet.

It also explains why things like google news think I am in Dallas when I am in Austin. I suspect I hope onto the gateway tower in Austin TX but out onto the internet in Dallas.

With Verizon I would get onto their gateway in Austin and onto the internet directly in Austin not Dallas.

The folks at Millenicom like you to use speedtest.net because it tries to find the best possible place to test from - all that pre checking with ping latency is to make sure the test is as fast as it can be - which is not at all reflective of your general speed - as the location of other things are not always the 'closest' to your internet access point.

Clear as mud. All in all - I guess this is ok with me but man I wish it was more clear from the beginning. I really thought I was getting same service as Verizon and it's just not so.

To misquote the rep 'We have a limited pool of Verizon's network to use and Verizon has the entire pool so they can put you on the best possible path to the internet'.



Bolivar, MO

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Who did you call, from what I understand Verizon & Millenicom are exactly the same and millenicom is just like having Verizon, and Millenicom buys the service from Verizon then resells it to you with a higher cap, I have a neighbor who gets the same speeds as me and I have Millenicom and he has verizon. Maybe your tower has become more crowded since you had Verizon directly, or maybe the routing has changed recently, I haven't noticed it though.


Cobbs Creek, VA
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reply to AustinTX
disagree. Millenicom Verizon modems operate exactly the same as going direct with Verizon. Same modem, same tower, same signal.

Their status as a MVNO in no way reduces the performance.

Who did you talk to at Millenicom?
... need help? »evdo-tips.com/


I spoke to the rep that answered the support line today.
It certainly explains my behavior of slower speeds and google news thinking I am in Austin. I have run this test with both my verizon and Millenicom devices and have consistent results. Just reporting my findings and what I was told today. Verizon device - faster - google news says I am in Austin. Millenicom device - slower - google news says I am in Dallas. Here is a trace route to google showing with Millenicom I am being routed to Dallas...

1 87 ms 57 ms 59 ms 4.sub-66-174-184.myvzw.com []

2 73 ms 71 ms 72 ms 145.sub-66-174-43.myvzw.com []

3 73 ms 71 ms 70 ms 49.sub-69-83-107.myvzw.com []

4 79 ms 79 ms 87 ms 2.sub-69-83-107.myvzw.com []

5 76 ms 80 ms 74 ms 69.sub-69-83-96.myvzw.com []

6 88 ms 76 ms 87 ms TenGigE0-0-2-0.GW15.DFW9.ALTER.NET [152.179.167.


7 87 ms 111 ms 83 ms 0.xe-7-1-2.XT3.DFW9.ALTER.NET []

8 91 ms 122 ms 91 ms 0.xe-4-1-4.XL3.DFW7.ALTER.NET []

9 81 ms 76 ms 75 ms TenGigE0-6-4-0.GW4.DFW13.ALTER.NET [


10 74 ms 77 ms 72 ms google-gw.customer.alter.net []

11 73 ms 72 ms 73 ms

12 79 ms 74 ms 78 ms

13 84 ms 76 ms 79 ms dfw06s16-in-f5.1e100.net []

Max Signal
Buffalo, NY
I have had users that are my customers run tests with a Millenicom supplied Verizon device along side a device issued direct from Verizon , all over this country and the devices have performed the same . ( RVer's and professional storm chasers ) I myself have used both types all over the country and can report the same . Must be something else going on.


I certainly want it to be the same - if someone has an answer that would be great or other tests to run that might help? That's why I called the folks a Millenicom today hoping for an answer that makes sense. I am reporting what I was told today by the support rep and it supported my experience with Millenicom.

Thank you all for the interest and responses. I got the device back in September and the slower speed and Dallas route has been consistent.

North, VA
reply to AustinTX
I too have Vz through Millenicom and Austin I don't have the problem you claim to have regardless of what you say Millenicom says.

I also have Sprint and it reports me being all over the country but it makes no difference in my speeds. You have something else going on IMO.


I changed my DNS servers to be google's public DNS servers instead of the ones assigned by verizon. I still route to Dallas but I get a much better speed and consistency with streaming things like youtube. the route goes to Dallas but from Dallas the trace route is different.

Before it would stop and buffer stop and buffer stop and buffer.

Now no stopping at all - just video.

I want it to be the same as my old Verizon U760. I certainly do - it's just not the same - it's not that bad but it is not the same.

I might open a trouble ticket and see if I can get a more satisfying response versus the phone call yesterday.

Thank you all again for the responses - just trying to trouble shoot this and get back to 2-3MBS like I had with Verizon directly.

Regards to you all!

North, VA
You do realize that speeds have more to do with the loading on the initial tower you are using? 3 MB is the absolute upper limit on 3G and it's rare to ever be able to achieve it. That's where you either make or break your speed.

Go to »www.speedtest.net/ and run some tests and post them.