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Pearisburg, VA

[HN7000S] gen4 or exede and FAP-free windows

gen4 looked like a good deal until I noticed that there was no FAP-free window, but just their fixed throughput limits. I use the FAP-free zone a LOT [I regularly just queue stuff up for download and just let it go all night [and if it didn't finish, it stops at 7AM and resumes the next AM]. I'm trying to add stuff up to see if my 'normal' usage will fit in one of the plans, but if we start streaming any videos that'll kill the non-off-peak allocation pretty quickly. I saw in another post that you can buy more throughput but that's *ridiculously* expensive.

Is it really the case that if you screw up on the first of the month [say you forget to turn off an HD video stream], that'll you'll basically be pretty much screwed for the entire rest of the month? [I *have* run afoul of the FAP a few times over the years, and 24hrs of punishment seemed like more than enough..:o), not to mention the one-free-token a month [which I've used exactly one of since they started being offered].

I thought I saw in one post, mentioned in passing, that exede *does* have a FAP-free zone. Is that true? I've been with HN for a long time [since not long after Direcway started offering two-way], but I'd seriously consider jumping ship if they're going to go to capped throughput and Exede still offers a FAP-free window....


East Texas

Jump ship. Exede does have a free FAP time from 12am to 5 am.

West Mich.
reply to bcosell
It sure looks like the Hughesnet ship is sinking. They don't seem to get anything fixed. Hughesnet's system is just full of potholes.

They got people calling up to cancel service that are on hold for hours and still can't get thru.

Others can't pay their bill online.....but are getting redirects for not paying the bill.

Hughesnet is a company that just needs to go under.


Tomahawk, WI
reply to bcosell
9 months with Exede and not had a single issue, none.
Has worked to perfection.

Always 15+ mb/s with upload never below 3,200kb/s using HN speed tester.
Only twice saw a short congestion of 8,000kb/s imagine that's slow haha
TMN will be 19-20 mb/s/s slightly higher than HN.

Be sure to go direct with Exede as Dish Network has no plans for the »www.exede.com/internet-packages- ··· ree-zone.

Yep losing all desire at the community to see all those people suffer with HN and the beta closed group is no different.

R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV
·Frontier Communi..
hey marsh, have'nt seen you in a while commenting on this or that.. Yes its a shame what HN is doing but I have to say that i'm only getting issues in the evenings and thats mainly the only time, right now I'm able to get double the speed of what i use to get on the old 7000 modem, witch makes me not too surprised. The stability is what i'm worried about for right now, i can't stay logged into skype while loading up the simple google homepage sometimes, it seems it wants to kick me offline and off the network):

I can't exactly hate Gen4 "just yet" my game called Far cry 3 (brand new) will be coming out and will be available in about a week and i will have it in 2 weeks.. I know theres gonna be "a ton" of lag like some would say but as long as i dont get any disconnections or any too severe lag, cause then that will make me one unhappy customer. You see, I use to play far cry 2 constantly, of course there was lag but the disconnections were the main problem.. I also believed that my connection toke over the game server i was playing on and when i had a disconnection or bad lag issue my connection would some how disconnect everyone from that server except maybe 2 people atleast and the host.

I already put alot of money into my steam account for games and I also have spent around $100 for a Multiplayer game without too severe lag, theres diablo 3 and shootmania and some others on my steam thats COOP play but those don't count, those can be hosted with or without bots.
I can hit over a MB/s of speed every once in a while but its rare, however i think its better than our old modem, just slightly better (maybe just a pinch even) and no i'm not thinking about switching to Excede, its too far expensive, just don't got the money):
HT1000/ BeamID 32/ Power Max plan/ 4 pcs on a D-Link wired router/ wireless D-Link router with password
Support only the gaming company's that matter the most, pay for something that actually is worth buying or has a good reason for how much it's worth.

West Mich.
reply to marsh_0x
Hi Marsh, I also missed seeing your input. Don't forget to visit us from time to time.


Lyons, OR
reply to diablo1892
Diablo - I've been a long time resident of a virtual world - Second Life - I've noticed that lag, and moving around in-world is much improved after switching from my HN7000S to Gen4. Obviously we will still never approach cable/DSL latencies, but, for me, and the way I use my internet, I'm glad I moved to Gen4.......
HT1000, Gen4 Power PLUS, Windows 7