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Lutherville Timonium, MD
reply to metalunna

Re: Center Channel Static/Popping on Some Channels

I've had the same problem also with HBO and Max. I played a Blu-ray to make sure it wasn't my receiver and got no static or popping...So it must be those two networks with the issue.


Clifton, NJ
Unfortunately I'm still getting it. Is so bad on some of the hbo and max channels that I can't even watch it.

I tried another cable box..ran a new cable..changed the splitter. I even tried an old receiver. Btw..im using a toslink cale..swapped that too. Same thing in the same spots of the movie..loud scratching and popping.

I read somewhere to turn off dynamic audio..I had mine set to High..I made the change yesterday, and it's still there but it seems more muffled..or maybe I'm just crazy (actually, I know I am).

I haven't called Verizon on it because I don't want to go through all the same old steps and eventually wipe out my router and cable box settings. Everything else on my fios line works fine. I just have to live with not watching Die Hard 2 for the 300th time. I'm just going to make a huge assumption is coming in with the source.

Seeing that others have the Mae problem just makes my assumption more valid.