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Brampton, ON
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Re: [Express] Possible to get a good internet deal?

said by yyzlhr:

said by technocar2:

said by rogersuck:

i have just joined this site so i hope i am posting correct but please excuse me if not.
I have rogers lite & with modem & tax pay just under $50 (ouch!), seems like i can get a better deal by getting tv also, but i have a splitter & run 1 cable to modem & other to tv & my concern is that if i sign a contract to bundle for a year or 2 when it expires & i try to use my splitter again rogers will block & i will not get any tv, is that true?

By that time it will be all digital and rogers likely won't block that and as far as I know once its digital rogers will leave it un encrypted, so any tom, dick and harry can steal cable...lol.

We don't know that. So far the channels that have been migrated to digital only are not available on clear QAM.

Who is "we"...I know that DTA50 does not have a CPU capable of decrypting anything thus rogers is leaving said channels un-encrypted, any modern day TV can get all clear digital channels. If you have some other info about this then please enlighten me.